Our trainers and coaches have heart. They care deeply about your kids’ development in the game of basketball. And it shows in how our players improve week after week.


Jump Athletic founder and Chief Jumper Brian Sacks is no stranger to youth sports. He started playing competitive youth sports at the age of 7 in Long Island, NY traveling across the country to different cities playing competitive soccer. The team of kids played together for four years and won an incredible 80% of its games over that span of time. Sacks also played youth basketball in competitive club leagues and tournaments in NY  and attended some of the top basketball camps in the east coast. He continued to develop in many different sports as he entered his high school years playing varsity basketball, soccer and tennis.

Given his enthusiasm for sports on the court and field, it’s no surprise that the love of the game translated off the playing field too. Sacks dabbled in sports radio on the former local ESPN Affiliate 860 AM with a radio show called Sports Junkies. As well, his passion for basketball in particular,  led Sacks to coach competitive youth basketball and start what is now the premier youth basketball training academy and club in Arizona. A proven entrepreneur with a knack for launching companies, he started bizAZ magazine in 1997. After growing it into the most respected business magazine in Arizona he sold it to Gannett Co. in 2005. Sacks went on to start bizSanDiego, a magazine and online brand for the greater San Diego area in 2006. He is married to Kathy Sacks who leads marketing for Jump. They have two little Jumpers, Juliana and Margot.


Coach Ricky Perez has led several teams to numerous tournament championships both in Texas and New Mexico & Arizona to include competitive youth basketball tournaments such as Battle at the Border, Southwest Shootout, and several city championships. Perez coached club basketball in El Paso, Texas from 2002-2012 before moving his family to Arizona. Ricky’s teams have competed in AAU Superregionals, BCI Nationals and NCAA certified events around the country. On a team that Perez coached in El Paso, The Wolverine’s 7 of his 8 players signed college scholarships to play basketball.

Perez has five daughters who he coaches and trains. His two oldest girls received college scholarships to play at Our Lady of the Lake in San Antonio and Eastern Wyoming in Torrington, Wyoming. Two of his other daughters are considered top players in their age group. In addition to coaching several girl’s teams for Jump Athletic Perez is the JV girls coach for Casa Grande high school.


Coach Will Lofton is a strong-minded ambitious individual who desires to improve himself and his team in every way possible. He has an extensive background in health and physical education (120+ credit hours) as well as a Bachelors Degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences from Northern Illinois University. Also, he brings with him 5 years of experience owning a personal training company. During this time he was able to work out with athletes at many different programs and skill levels and be recognized by the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) as a “Sports Cardio Specialist”. He carries with him a genuine passion for human strength and development and he has dedicated his life to the health of his world.

Whether in a one-on-one situation or a team setting, Will is always able to bring the very best out of each athlete and drill. His continued learning in the arts of movement and the game of basketball make him both an effective and versatile part of the team. Living by the quote “the first day you make something an option is the last day its every a priority,” he brings both energy and experience to all that he comes into contact with, both on and off the court.