We are proud to announce a new exciting 3-part signature Back-to-School clinic series on Sunday nights from 6:30 – 8:00.

Featured in this exclusive clinic lineup are three sessions: Guard Skills 101, Sharp Shooter Clinic and Pro Basketball Moves.

These clinics will be taught by our top-notch training staff and as always, are offered first-come-first serve to Jump Athletic members.

Clinic Highlights:

– Special guest trainers from Arizona Christian University

– Top players from each clinic receive a FREE private lesson

– Shooting form “Cheat Sheet” card for each player

– “Coaches Favorite Drills” card for each player

– Gun basketball shooting machine (Scottsdale location Only)

Guard Skills 101

This clinic is designed to teach players the many aspects of succeeding with the ball in their hands. With the focus being primarily on ball handling, we will also cover many other crucial techniques including seeing the floor, off-hand development and handling pressure. Also featured will be the use of various training tools such as medicine balls, rip cones, dribble goggles and resistance bands. Our curriculum is created for any player (including older players!) who wants to enhance their game with superior guard skills and taught by our first class training staff.

Sharp Shooter Clinic

Now, more than ever, being an accurate shooter is one of the most important aspects of any players’game. Many shooting clinics teach repetitive shooting, and shooting drills without ever helping players to understand and develop their form. At our Sharp Shooter Clinic, we break shooting down to an elementary level so players will understand the integral parts of a correct shooting form. Using the techniques of some of the NBA’s deadliest shooters, we teach shooting the right way! Whether you’re just starting out shooting a ball, or you want to hone your shooting skill and become a 3-point assassin,this is shooting education you don’t want to miss.

Pro Basketball Clinic

Every basketball player is constantly looking to improve their game by adding more explosive moves to their arsenal, however, learning and mastering those moves on your own can be quite a challenge. Join our experienced training staff as they break down a collection of powerful individual moves in a step by step format that allows every player to learn and then put to use in a game like environment. Featuring moves such as “Steph Curry Jab Step Back”, “James Harden Euro-Step”, “Derrick Rose Pro Hop”, “Lebron James Step Back” and “Chris Paul In N Out”, this clinic is one you don’t want to miss!

Sign up for one or two sessions at $65 each or save 15% when you sign up for all three at $169.