High-Performance Master Clinic

Our special edition High-Performance Master Clinic happening August 24-25, 2019 features a start-studded lineup of coaches with a focus on next-level play and precision promises to be a game changer for players.

Saturday + Sunday
– August 24, 3-6pm
– August 25, 9-12pm


Clinic Highlights

  • Elite ball handling skill development
  • Gain confidence & comfort with the ball in your hands
  • Developing an explosive first step
  • Game simulated live ball moves
  • Elite shooting form to develop a consistent jump shot
  • Creating space as a shooter to make more shots
  • Moving without the ball to create high percentage shot attempts
  • Using your feet to become an elite shooter
  • Life performance mindset coaching from certified life coach Justin Allen

Elite Ball Handling

This clinic is designed to sharpen players’ skills in the many aspects of succeeding with the ball in their hands. With the focus being primarily on ball handling, we will also cover many other crucial techniques including seeing the floor, off-hand development and handling pressure. Also featured will be the use of various training tools such as medicine balls, rip cones, dribble goggles and resistance bands. Our curriculum is created for established players who want to up-level their game to a more superior level.

Master Shooting Form

Now, more than ever, being an accurate shooter is one of the most important aspects of any players’ game. Many shooting clinics teach repetitive shooting, and shooting drills without ever helping players to understand and develop their form. At our Sharp Shooter Clinic, we break shooting down to an elementary level so players will understand the integral parts of a correct shooting form. Using the techniques of some of the NBA’s deadliest shooters, we teach shooting the right way! Whether you’re just starting out shooting a ball, or you want to hone your shooting skill and become a 3-point assassin,this is shooting education you don’t want to miss.

Mindset Coaching

Players performance on the court will improve with the development of a stronger mindset, emotional IQ, improved routines, consistent habits, and increased performance skills. The focus of the life performance coach session will be on creating goals that inspire, motivate, and drive players to take massive action in an effort of challenging goal attainment.

Sign up today. Spots are limited. This is designed for advanced-level players who are serious about their game. $199