Discover why our private training is unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

Below is a quote from a parent who realized how powerful training was for his own child…

“I thought that enrolling my kid in club basketball would make him a better player and it did.  What I did not know when I joined, during the first year, were the skills my child needed to have or improve upon, in addition to coming to practice, for him to grow and play more.  I thought that my son would get more playing time by simply attending practice and skills and by working hard.  I realized that his skill level was only growing as fast as the other skill level of those at practice therefore not equaling more game time.  It wasn’t until I learned that others were getting individual training that my child needed the same.  He didn’t feel he needed it but now he appreciates it more than ever as his basketball skill has skyrocketed.”

Here are 7 reasons why private training is essential to the development of young players.

1. Kid’s wont train on their own.

Left to themselves, the majority of kids won’t put in the necessary work to take them to the next level. With weekly training, players are consistently in training mode and are constantly challenged and encouraged to work on their own

2. Even kids who do train on their own, don’t have proper guidance.

Even if your kid puts in individual work outside of practice, typically they don’t have proper guidance. Without direction, many of these players end up developing bad habits or learning things the wrong way.There is nothing worse than a high-school player who has to spend months re-learning the right mechanics and fixing his shot because he wasn’t taught the proper way the first time. Or a player who has tons of dribbling moves but is a turnover machine because he didn’t learn to dribble with his head up or dribbles the ball as high as his shoulder.With the help of an experienced, professional trainer, kids learn how to do things the right way the first time, as well as picking up some “pro tips” along the way.

3. Accountability.

Accountability is a huge driving force that propels many successful athletes to the top of their field. When a child is accountable to his/her trainer it produces great results. A player who knows they are going to be evaluated individually on a weekly basis is much more motivated to constantly work on their game and improve at a rapid pace.

4. Kids need to stay active.

Now, more than ever before, this is clearly very important. Phones, TV, Video Games and the like consume more and more of our kids’ lives. Training is fun and challenging and motivates kids to stay active on their own while working on weekly basketball homework.

5. The mental aspect.

This is huge! Many kids possess great basketball talent, but do not have the mental edge needed to play at a high level. A basketball legend once said, “Concentration and mental toughness are the margins of victory”, and many players nowadays are lacking those highly valuable traits. With private training, players are constantly taken out of their comfort zone and forced to establish a strong mental character. In addition, players learn to play with a positive attitude no matter what the situation, a character trait that has huge effects on their performance.

6. Team practice alone doesn’t produce significant individual development.

Players that just practice with their team once or twice a week are only given the opportunity to improve at the same rate as other players around them. Although there are quite a few benefits that come from weekly team practice, these players do not have the chance to drastically improve their individual game. Players that are not proficient ball handlers, shooters, attackers, and defenders typically see very gradual improvements in those areas of their game and only grow as their team grows

7. Confidence

Probably the biggest factor that determines a player’s ‘on court success’ is their confidence in themselves.  Ask yourself, “Why does Stephen Curry constantly take (and make!) shots that no other NBA player would ever think of shooting?”  The answer is simple…Confidence!  Confidence in your game comes in two parts; first, is the assurance that is gained from the many hours of preparation you have devoted to your skill.  Second, is the feeling of freedom that is obtained when you learn to accept failure and mistakes.  Stephen Curry, or any other NBA great, is not afraid to miss big shots or make mistakes, which is why they continually improve and succeed.  Private training encourages kids to not be afraid of mistakes but to embrace them as part of getting better, which empowers them to play fearlessly and fully confident during games

Discover why our private training is unlike anything you’ve ever seen.