“If you’re ready to take your game to the next level, Dacen will get you there.”


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“The training environment you have established for my son has helped him develop not only his offensive proficiency but his overall game.”

“My son’s love of the game has expanded and his skill has improved noticeably. Importantly, he handles the ball better, he handles pressure better, he passes better, he shoots better and he’s learned to be more aggressive with his advanced skill.”

“Having experienced other basketball programs, I can attest that there is no comparison between what Jump has to offer developing players.”

“Whether you need help with defense, offense or shooting, Dacen is the man.”


We use a combination of innovative drills, positive reinforcement, and proven training techniques to get the most out of every player.  Our approach is different from any other training because we focus first on building players confidence on a mental level, and then giving them the tools and skills neccessary to use along with that confidence to perform at a high level.

“We feel he made the difference when, as a freshman, our daughter made the varsity team.


1. First Session

During your child’s first training session, we fully evaluate their skills and see what needs improvement. You will receive a player assessment form that breaks down every area of their game.

2. Training Plans

Our training plans typically consist of 10 or 12 lessons. These training sessions will be tailored to your child’s specific skill level, and focus on developing areas in which they need improvement.

3. Perfecting Skills

In addition to improving weaker areas of our players’ games, we will also work continually on perfecting the critical components such as ball handling, shooting, finishing moves and many more.

4. Homework & Goals

Our players are given weakly basketball homework to keep them focused and encourage individual practice. We set attainable goals and constantly keep players motivated to better their game.

5. Evaluation & Assessment

At the end of a lesson plan. players are evaluated again to see what areas they have improved and what areas still need work. You will receive another assessment form to keep track of your child’s development.

“He identifies the skills they need to take their game to the next level and works with each child to strengthen their individual weaknesses.”