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Jump Athletic Youth Basketball Programs in Phoenix

Jump Athletic stands out as the preeminent basketball teaching program in Arizona. Chief Jumper Brian Sacks started Jump Athletic after many years of coaching recreational and competitive youth basketball teams in and around Phoenix. 

One of the things that makes Jump Athletic programs and players excel is that our trainers and coaches focus on teaching the fundamentals of the game in a fun and competitive environment. The Jump Athletic basketball training program is proven and includes on- and off-court workouts, strategy and mental conditioning sessions – our basketball training camps prepare players to take their game to the next level.

Jump Athletic provides the Phoenix metro areas most comprehensive youth instructional basketball program



GARDEN GROVE, Calif.– We had a chance to take in the action at the Swoosh Fall Classic and get a glimpse into the future of West Coast girls basketball.  From that quick peek it’s safe to say the future is bright. The following young prospects caught and kept our attention.

It’s always enjoyable to watch young prospects display a tremendous amount of skill at an early age and Jump Athletic’s 2019 5 foot 9 forward Makayla Edwards, a native of Vallejo, California, did just that. Edwards, whose father is 6-5 and mother is 5-10, should have a serious growth spurt coming. Edwards showed the ability to attack off the bounce as well as post up defenders on the low block. Her face up game compliments her low post moves. Edwards has a nice stroke that extends out beyond the three point arc. She rebounds well and is a solid defender that isn’t afraid to mix it up versus taller opponents. Edwards reminds me of a more athletic version of former Georgia Bulldog and ex-WNBA player Tasha Humphrey.  With continued development Edwards’s game has major DI written all over it.

Every college program in the nation is always on the lookout out for a quality big and 6-2 Jasmine Peete, who hails from Riverside, California and plays for Cal Sparks, has the chance to be just what they are looking for. Peete, a 2018 prospect, has a college body, rebounds the ball at highest point and finishes well in the paint.  She’ll need to further develop her midrange shot and low post face up game but the possibilities are very evident.  Peete has the potential to be a force at both ends. Tremendous upside.

It’s always good to watch promising perimeter play and 2019 GBL Rebels point guard Charisma Osborne of Moreno Valley, California caught my attention.  The 5-6 guard is very athletic and does a great job attacking and creating off the bounce.  Osborne finishes at the rim but also has a nice midrange jumper as well as a sweet three point stroke.  There is a great response to adversity and she led a late comeback making play after play.  She does an excellent job involving her teammates and is a solid on ball defender. Osborne is potentially a BCS prospect. Keep eyes on.

Leilani McIntosh, from Phoenix, Arizona, had her entire repertoire on display.  This 5-6 speedy 2019 point guard from Jump Athletics used a killer crossover coupled with her explosive first step to attack the paint looking to score or dish to slashing teammates.  McIntosh used that speed and quickness to get out and finish off the break weaving in and out of traffic while handling the rock equally well with both hands.  She also showed that she can consistently stroke the midrange jumper as well as be a threat from beyond the arc.  McIntosh demonstrated the ability to translate her speed and athleticism into dividends on the defensive end as well by forcing turnovers and cashing in on the ensuing possession. She’s definitely a point guard on the rise and with continued development has a chance to be special. 

Kaiyah Corona of Long Beach, California is a feisty and crafty player that does all the intangibles that coaches love.  The 5-11 Cal Sparks wing attacked the rim and either produced in the paint or dropped dimes to her teammates. The 2019 Corona does a good job running the floor and finished well off the break.  She also displayed a nice mid-range touch. Defensively, Corona did a excellent job jumping into the passing lanes on the perimeter or in the low post.  Simply put, she finds a way to make plays to help her team win.  Corona is an all-around player and will make the program that lands her very happy.

If you’re looking for an athletic all-around player that plays the game the way it is supposed to be played, then 5-9 Malia Bambrick is your prospect. The 2018 grad from Santa Clarita, California has a solid body with long arms that take up space in the lane. Bambrick plays a very aggressive game at both ends of the court. She has a nice low-post game and finishes well in the paint and gets to the line where she is a good free-throw shooter. The Swish N Swag standout also showed that she has a smooth face-up game as well being a good passer that is unselfish almost to a fault. She used those long arms and good leaping ability to dominate the boards and push the ball up the floor. Defensively, Bambrick defended the low post and perimeter well.  Playing with a fearless, reckless abandon, she contested several shots and scrapped for loose balls. Bambrick has a tremendous upside and with continued development has the chance to be a BCS caliber prospect. 

Every coach worldwide loves a player that competes on every play, is fundamentally sound, defends well and loves to attack at both ends. Also a native of Santa Clarita, Chyanne Pagakalinawan brings all of these things to the table and more for her Swish N Swag ball club.  Pagakalinawan, showed the ability to knock down the midrange jumper and was a sniper from behind the arc.  At 5-5 she demonstrated that the capacity to be a scoring point guard that can attack the paint and finish in traffic.  She handles the ball well with either hand and is a very good passer possessing nice speed and quickness. The 2018 prospect showed that she is a solid on ball defender with sound principals and concepts. Pagakalinawan has a sweet crossover and hesitation dribble move that’s not meant to be flashy but gets the job done none the less.  Pagakalinawan has a small frame with big time game.


The Three Benefits of Team Sports

The biggest benefit of youth sports is obvious: the physical exercise. Any parent knows that getting your child outside or on the court is far better for your child’s health than sitting in from of the television playing XBox. Calories aside, there are several other reasons to get your child involved in youth sports that can benefit them positively in a long term way, both on the court and in your household:

1. “We” Mentality: Any parent knows their child can be egocentric at times. That “my way or the highway” attitude is hard to ignore and even harder to battle against. Enrolling your child in a team sport forces them to think of others in order to be successful. One team member does not carry the entire team, even in the most professional of sports. Teaching children to think in terms of benefiting a team instead of just for themselves will to carry off the court and into their every day lives.

2. Positive Mentors: Dedicated, thoughtful, positive coaches can have a huge impact on children. Objective and consistant mentoring can sometimes create more of a response than if the critique had been from a parent. Children walk onto the court expecting to learn from those they trust – that willingness to learn translates into powerful examples of how a constant role model can prove beneficial in a child’s every day life. 

3. Family Time: You may not think it, but watching from the side lines as your child participates in a sporting event can be the most rewarding family time of all. And while the only time spent together may be in the car on the way to practices or tournaments, your show of support in the busy schedule of your own life can be the opportunity to cultivate an even greater bond in your family.

We may be biased, but being a part of youth basketball is more valuable than we could ever write about. If you’d like to sign up for a free class to see why Jump Athletic can be a benefit to your child’s every day life, click here

Jump Athletic Basketball Tryouts – Do You Have What It Takes?

Tryouts are taking place to get on one of our club teams. Open to boys and girls  grades 3rd-8th all year round  and for high school players Feb through Oct . Come check out what is arguably the best club basketball program in Arizona in addition to the top basketball training academy. For parents and kids interested in learning more, you can attend free open house night of skills training. For more info or to schedule your free skills session call 602-540-7669.

Our club basketball program is designed for players who are ready to graduate beyond recreational basketball. Our coaches are accomplished professionals who work with players to help them take their game to the all-important next level. We believe in pushing players to the next level and fostering an environment where learning, skill-building and positive encouragement are the ways to help players achieve success. It’s what we’ve come to prove day in and day out in how our players truly excel.

Under our coaching staff’s leadership, Jump Athletic club basketball teams have achieved tremendous success and participated in the most competitive leagues in Arizona as well as in local and out-of-state tournaments with winning results.




>Learn more here about getting a spot on a Jump Athletic club basketball team.











Parents Tell us, “Why Jump”

It’s always great to hear from our parents on how their child is doing at our academy. Nothing charges me up more than hearing back from our parents in the form of a random email or phone call from someone telling me the benefits their kids are getting or even developmental opportunities for our organization to be even better.
There’s the story of Daniel, 14, “I know from experience with my son when a day at basketball training was successful,” explains Andrea from Chandler, whose son Daniel has been with Jump Athletic since he was 11. “He shows such confidence on the court and I can see that what he learned is making a big difference.”
“My son has been playing basketball since he was about 7 years old,” explains Andrea. “It’s his favorite sport. We started with the YMCA and finally became a part of Jump Athletic and it’s been wonderful. My son takes basketball very seriously so the training he receives is important to him and he takes the criticism from his coaches well. He understands how important it is to listen to his coach when he’s not doing well so he can improve. He doesn’t always tell me everything but I can see in his demeanor what’s going on. When he does share his frustrations with me, I’ll share these with Brian or the coach so they can help him.”
The feedback we receive from you makes us a better basketball league and gives us the opportunity to improve the basketball training at Jump Athletic. Do you want to see basketball strength training and what would you like to have in the basketball camps? Talk with your children and see what they like. What did they get out of the basketball camp they just attended? You can see if they are improving or not so let us know.
On occasion we’ll call you for feedback or send you an email requesting information from you. We want to hear from you. Let us know what you think about Jump Athletic.

Jump Athletic Girls Teams Tryouts!!!


Jump Athletic is pleased to announce the formation of girls teams! We expect to have the same success that we have had with our boys teams. We;re looking for players ages 8-15 who are ready to hone their skills beyond what recreational basketball has given them. We have a great group of trainers that will be working with the girls led by Coach Meisha Fox, that combines exceptional fundamentals training, leadership skill-building and fun.

If you are interested in being a part of the premier youth basketball program in Arizona and trying out for a girls team email us at info@jumpathletic.com or give us a call at 602-540-7669.

Our First Shooting Clinic Inspires Players

Last night  we held our first intensive shooting clinic. The sold out shooting clinic featured Jump Athletic trainers (Coach Reggie Fox and Meisha Fox, and Serge Angounou. In addition we also had two special guest trainers in Gerald Williams & Gabe Sandoval. The star studded cast of trainers have all played professional basketball. The clinic also featured “The Gun” a top of the line shooting machine that the kids were pumped up to see and use. Overall the night was filled with great energy and intensive training. Due to popular demand we are going to have another clinic next Sunday June 12th

10 Tips to Becoming a Better Shooter

We get asked a lot about shooting skills. It’s a part of our curriculum at Jump Athletic. (In fact we have a Shooting Clinic coming up June 5.) And these basketball shooting tips are a great way for players and parents to learn and understand the proper mechanics and techniques needed to be a great shooter.

It’s a fact. Every basketball player loves to shoot the ball! The most practiced skill in the game is shooting. Coaches spend a good deal of their practice time on shooting drills to improve their players’ skill level. After all, if you can’t shoot – you can’t score.

Whether a player is shooting a jump shot, lay-up, or free throw – there are certain techniques they must use to be successful. The basketball shooting tips below will give players, parents and coaches a better understanding of what these techniques are!

1. Players should always use proper shooting techniques. Remembering BEEF – (Balance, Eye, Elbow, Follow-Through) will help when shooting the basketball. Players must get into the habit of always using these proper shooting techniques – whether in practices or a game. If proper techniques are not used, bad habits are formed that are often difficult to correct. If players don’t have a shooting technique – they need to develop one!

2. Players should always be relaxed and concentrate on the basket. Players should focus on the part of the rim that is closest to them as they shoot the basketball. When shooting lay-ups and bank shots, players should focus on the part of the backboard where they will bank the ball.

3. Players must know when they have a good shot – and then take it. Players must find the right balance between shooting too often and not shooting enough. As players develop confidence in their shot, they will also develop the ability to know when they have a good shot to take.

4. Players should be in proper balance when shooting the basketball. Proper balance (front to back and side to side) is critical on all shots.

5. Players should follow through on every shot they take. They should also hold their follow through as this is one thing that will show them why they made or missed the shot.

6. When shooting the jump shot, players should jump naturally. They should avoid forcing their jump – it should be nice and easy. Players should jump straight up and release the shot at the top of their jump. “Up, Hang, Shoot” is an easy way to remember this.

7. Players should have an arc on every shot they take. The height of the arc will vary from player to player. Some players shoot with a high arc, while others have more of a flat shot. As long as the player is using proper shooting techniques and the shots are going in, then the arc is fine.

8. When shooting free-throws, players should be relaxed, concentrate on the basket, and have their knees bent slightly.

9. When shooting free-throws, players should keep their routine simple. This helps them concentrate more on their shot and not their routine. They should avoid excessive and unnecessary movement. They should only use the motion needed to take and make the shot.

10. Players should practice all of their shots. They should learn to shoot from any location on the court, within their range. By doing this, they become more of an all-around shooter. Players should strive for the following shooting goals: 99+% lay-ups, 70+% free-throws, 50+% field goals, 33+% 3-pointers. These goals can be modified for younger players.

For more on shooting tips, check out our shooting clinic May 15. Registration is open, but limited to the first 25 players.

Spring Season Starts With A Bang!!

Our 14U/8th grade black team took first place in a tournament today over at Phoenix College. This team is going to be fun to watch in the coming months.

Famoun Miller, one of the top 8th graders in the state showcased his talent this past weekend as he got the crowd pumped up with several dunks and big time blocked shots. Overall the team is very talented and played with a lot of energy and is primed for a great spring/summer!

To get on a Jump Athletic team check out our Club Teams page.


Jump Athletic will be conducting tryouts over the next 2-3 weeks for spring league teams. If you are interested please email info@jumpathletic.com.